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My name is Lucas, I am a French language learner, a world traveler and an enthusiastic teacher. Since 2012, I have been motivating hundreds of passionate French learners just like you. I really think speaking a language isn’t just about knowing the grammar rules and thousands of words. Speaking fluently a new language is above all about mastering the flow and learning the expressions that people actually use.

When I was in school, I always struggled with languages. In 2012, when I graduated, I could barely speak English. Now, I speak 4 languages fluently because I understood how to learn efficiently. That’s what this blog is about and what I want to share with you. Learning Portuguese in Brazil, I quickly discovered that Portuguese is never spoken the way it is written. Then, I realized it was even worse in French. We have many exceptions and almost never pronounce what it’s written. 

Now, I live in Equator with my mife and can easily speak Spanish with her, type in Portuguese with my friends and give class in French. I’m sure that I can help to reach the level you want in my language. 


What makes SoundFrench different?

I believe that other websites can teach you grammar and vocabulary very well but my desire is to help you to speak perfectly. Sound Like a French’s will change that by creating a mix of content, method, and fun.

Motivation plays a huge part of learning a language and as part of my assistance, I am here to support anyone in improving his French accent. I love to help you.
I have never seen good materials for pronunciation’s learning and I am planning to fix this step by step with your feedback. Please, do not hesitate to contact me via:

Twitter, Facebook, Email

I will reply to you if ever you need some assistance for learning French.


What would be better in your life if you were fluent in French?

  • Would you be able to travel to many places and communicate with millions of other people?
  • Would you have a better carreer?
  • Would you be able to understand French culture, movies and litterature?



After my graduation, I tried to hitch-hike to Australia in order to learn English.

However, nobody took me.

It’s ok, I have been to Brazil and learned Portuguese.

It was a great time. I learned a lot even if it was hard sometimes.

Now, I am an online French teacher.

I have helped hundred of students to learn French for the past 4 years.