Become Fluent in French

What do you have to do to have a better accent and sound like a native speaker?



  • #1 Study French pronunciation without comparing too much to English

You’re welcome : il n’y a pas de quoi (eel nyah pah der kwah)

Ahhhhh. If you say that, nobody will understand you. Like English, French spelling can be weird but with some work, you’re able to learn the main rules that explain 80% of French speech in no time.

  • #2 Listen to yourself when you speak French

If you want to improve your accent and make you understand in French, you have to know how you sound and what to improve. It can sound obvious but you’d be surprise how many students don’t want to listen to their own voice. I will help you to make it easy and enjoyable.

  • #3 Focus on real learning material

Learning French grammar isn’t a waste time, if you’re interested in linguistics. Grammar isn’t fun and for many of you, it won’t help you to understand how we speak. Learn in context, watch TV shows and repeat what native speakers say.

  • #4 Learn vocabulary that you can actually use

There is nothing more frustrating than spending months learning French only to realize you sound like a grammar book, and that the majority of the words you know are useless.

This is your chance to focus on French and achieve your dreams. I can’t wait to help you Become Fluent in French

Your teacher,




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