What are saying the Students?


Howard Highwart
 This course is the BEST THING I have come across. No grammar! I learned how to have a French accent and now I can use French when I travel around Europe. It's very useful because you'll be able to be understood by native speaker, even at the beginning. I highly recommand it.  
 “Growing up, I hated learning French and had no confidence trying to speak in a foreign language, but from the beginning Lucas’s patience and encouragement put me at ease speaking French. His exceptional level of English has allowed us to discuss even the hardest points of grammar, while still exposing me to real, native French.” 
 I'm finally able to speak with my in-laws. "My husband is French and I always wanted to speak with his family. They don't speak English, especially his parents. I learned French for years but always felt frustrated because they couldn't understand. Now, I can easily hold a conversation with them thanks to this Masterclass." 
 “It’s a pleasure to learn French with Lucas, he is a fantastic French teacher! He always prepared his lessons a lot. He has a lot of different ideas for teaching. Learning with his is never boring! He is very patient, pleasant and positive could make any task to be fun and interesting. Plus, he speaks Spanish.”